In my government post, one role was clerking the appeal tribunals for folk who had been turned down for the now replaced higher attendance allowance.  This was a benefit that disabled claimants could claim if they met certain criteria.   As with all benefits and hand outs, there was a great deal of abuse and fraud – we clerks were of course supposed to remain completely impartial and non judgmental.  It was so hard to take that stance, particularly as our tribunal building had blue badge parking just across the road – near a large shop and newsagent.  We used to watch behind the window blinds – appellants park, get out of their motor unaided, look round furtively, and skip across to the shops.  They’d come back, often laden with bags.  Then another quick look round failing to spot us looking, they’d quickly get out mobility aids; wheelchairs etc out and then struggle to enter our building – requesting assistance throughout.  This did not help their appeal.  The CCTV cameras on the blue badge parking told no lies!