We have an excellent government web site these days – it covers absolutely everything they get involved with and with a few key strokes, it’s possible to access the latest information on personal tax, child care rules, pensions, driving regulations, passport info etc etc.  I often look at the courts and tribunals site and have a glance at some of the recent employment tribunal judgments and appeal judgments.  These give a fascinating insight into the thousands of cases that get heard each year.  With employment particularly, there is very little crime involved, unless you consider some of the antics by the claimant or respondent to be over the top, but on the whole, it’s often a misconception by the claimant that their dismissal has been unfair  or that they’ve been overlooked for promotion etc.  Ensuring you ave the right advice in any dispute is critical and if arbitration fails, recourse to the tribunal may be the only way to resolve a dispute in the work place.