One of the things that claimants in tribunal cases don’t do enough is read . . .  reading the instruction booklet that covers how to make a claim;  how to deal with the response to their claim;  how to prepare for any hearing that may result from the response not settling the claim.    Also, what happens once a judgment is handed down – if the respondent doesn’t actually pay up.   These pamphlets were sent out routinely at various stages of a live case going through to a hearing.  Later in a cost cutting exercise, the government justice department to remove hard copies and only make them available online for perusing and printing off by the parties to a case.  This was not successful – many folk refused to use their ink and paper to print off what they felt they should have been provided in hard copy by the government.  Cases inevitably got more complicated and long winded, costing the tax payer much more in the long run.