Knowing how to address certain people in the public eye can be a tricky business to the uninitiated.  I know many youngsters who shy away from any interaction with adults they don’t know because they don’t have the confidence to hold conversations about anything immediately outside their comfort and knowledge sphere.    This is such a shame because many things can be learned from mingling between young and old!   I have a very wide vocabulary – sometimes I’d be teased at school and in an earlier working life by less confident folk – “have you swallowed a dictionaery then” and they’d come up with ghastly phrases like “that’ll learn yer” instead of “that’ll teach you”.  Funny how these things come to mind.  One very educated legal eagle I worked with for some years used certain phrases in his dictation – I could tell from these that this was going to be a complicated case coming up – whenever he uttered “on occasion” and “contemporaneously”, we were ensuring the top dog was on our side of the fence!