I was happily watching evening tv, just waiting for something to come on in a few minutes time.  My ear caught the end of a report where a young mum and her son who’d been travelling first class on a train to Glasgow had been subjected to outrageous and uncalled for racialist abuse.  The chap delivering this was a fellow first class passenger.  He was questioning her right to be on the train, especially first class.  The abuse got more personal so the young lady quietly switched her phone on to record it.  Another passenger who was unconnectd to eithe party was so horrified at the chap’s outburst, he too recorded the chap, as he couldn’t believe his ears either.   Needless to say when the purpertrator was challenged, he denied everything, but he was on two independently own mobile phones  That’s one very welcome use for a mobile and that evidence was used in court.