You may have been told that you are at risk of redundancy if your employer has one or more jobs they no longer need or can afford.  You employer is free to choose who they make redundant, but there are still rules they should follow!

When you first become aware that you are at risk of redundancy, there are three things you should check:

  1. Has your employer discriminated? If you are being made redundant for reasons such as becoming pregnant, because you are from a particular race or ethnicity, you are disabled or perhaps you have a particular set of beliefs or religion, you may be being disciminated against.
  2. Have you been chosen for a fair reason? Your redundancy could be unfair if you were chosen because you asked for one of your legal rights at work, such as minimum wage, holiday or maternity leave, you perhaps took action about health and safety matters or were a whistleblower.
  3. If there are at least 20 people being made redundant, your employer should hold a group consultation.