For many people, being called to Jury service is seen as your duty, however it is not always at the appropriate time!  There are some ways to avoid jury service if it is a real hardship.  If you fail to respond to your summons, this can actually result in either a fine or a prison sentence, so it is important that you use the correct paths to excuse yourself.

Courts issue summons to jury service through a random selection, so there is nothing you can do to avoid being called up for service.  Being called does not always mean you will actually sit on a jury either!  Here are some ways to avoid the experience whilst keeping within the rules.

One way you can avoid jury service is by giving proof of economic hardship – in the US,  you can prove that being on a jury will cause financial burden.  You can only use this excuse if you genuinely would struggle with money should you not be able to go to work.  Jury service only covers travel expenses, not your normal working pay, so if you need to take substantial time off you might find that you would be out of pocket!